2022-2023 key fabrics for down jackets and puffer jackets


People are gradually pursuing a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle, focusing on luxurious and modern comfortable materials, tending to substitute the comfort of home into the futuristic urban commuting style, and creating practical items for multiple occasions.


Mercerized Nylon

Mercerized nylon material with satin luster, the overall texture is softer and more comfortable, suitable for creating luxurious and modern advanced basic styles. The non-quilted plastic appearance has continued from the previous season, and modern silhouettes such as blanket coats and commuter trench coats are suitable for display through glossy nylon materials.


Vintage Leather

The down leather look continues last season's "retro urban" style. The overall shape is retro without losing the sense of urban commuting. The comfort of home is also substituted into the modern commuting style, and modern silhouettes such as blanket coats, commuting trench coats, and simple tops are made into more valuable basic styles.


Knit surface

With the continuation of the "artisan revival" trend, in the new season, cotton down brings a knitted look that spans single items. The exquisiteness and diversity of knitted materials increase the sophistication of down appearance, and at the same time, it is easier to create a pattern appearance suitable for winter, giving down items a warmer surface.


Warm look

Warm faux fur, polar fleece and other materials bring a fashionable appearance across single products to down products. The warm material is paired with the same warm down to create a very practical outerwear item in cold winter.

Washed Denim

Old washed denim is the focus of attention in autumn and winter. In the new season, the avant-garde and street retro denim is paired with the swollen down appearance to create a comfortable street mix and match style in autumn and winter.

Post time: May-06-2023